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This year, the Health and Wellness Fair is a Virtual Event online!

Virtual exhibitor booth: Exhibitors can build their digital booth with their own branding, logos, messaging, and digital handouts.

Online lead retrieval: Attendees can connect with exhibitors in real time over chat, video, or email and request information from exhibiting companies.

As a virtual exhibitor, you have all the control of your own digital presence while interacting with attendees, with all the data you need to demonstrate the ROI of a virtual booth.

You will staff your booth from 11am until 4pm but your staff has the ability to interact with attendees from anywhere! If you are unable to staff the booth for all hours, just mark yourself away and make sure you have a greeting in your information, explaining what information you want attendees to take, videos to watch, how and when to contact you, etc.

After completing your application, we will send you a link to your virtual exhibitor booth. From there you can upload your logo, videos, brochures and handouts as well as a complete description of your business. You will also add your staff that will be in the booth on the day of the virtual event, with a photo, name and bio to greet attendees.

As attendees arrive at your virtual booth, you will be able to see and greet them. From there you can interact with a zoom link or through the chat feature to answer questions and book appointments. Attendees also have the option of requesting a meeting with you.


We are seeking professionals to present a 10-15 minute OR a 20-30 pre-recorded video program (uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, etc) during the event on topics of their expertise. Please send an email with an outline of or link to the program as well as your speaker bio and photo. Pitching specific programs or products will not be allowed. Below are some suggestions. We will contact you if your program is accepted. Speakers will not be compensated in any way and current virtual sponsors and exhibitors will be given first priority.

Coronovirus and the Flu

Present a recorded video program on how we can stay safe from the consequences of contracting these illnesses. How we keep children safe from harm.

Alternative Remedies

Present a recorded video program on alternative medicine, such as vitamins, herbs,  homeopathic remedies, etc.

Vehicle Safety

Present a recorded video program program that includes safe driving, drunk driving, seat belts, child safety seats.

Breast Self Exams

Present a recorded video program that teaches participants how to see and feel breast lumps so they can identify one in their own breast self exam and teach others how to identify breast lumps.

Child Health

Present a recorded video program on child health issues, such as:

  • How to care for a child with fever
  • Preventing and treating colds and flu
  • Dealing with bed-wetting
  • Preventing ear infections and swimmer’s ear
Health Care/Self Care

Present a recorded video program on managing your health care. Here are some ideas:

  • How to select a doctor or clinic.
  • How to participate in making decisions with your health care professional.
  • Choosing the right kind of health care coverage (e.g., HMO, Preferred Provider, etc.).
  • Cutting health care costs – being a wise consumer of medical care.
Physical Activity

Sports trainer or physical therapist to present a recorded video program on how to buy appropriate walking shoes or exercise equipment, what sports drinks are best or how to make your own sports drinks, learning to find your target heart rate, safely exercising in heat and cold extremes, or how to start a walking club.

Prenatal Care

Present a recorded video program about prenatal nutrition.

Women’s Health

Present a recorded video program on managing menopause, including information on estrogen replacement therapy.

Stress Management

Present a recorded video program on effective stress management, common stressors, natural options, medication, etc.