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2019 Speakers (Stay Tuned for 2021 Speakers)
Kim Van De Riet – “Understanding Hearing Loss”

Hearing loss has many causes, symptoms and effects if left untreated. In fact, millions of Americans of all ages suffer unnecessarily from untreated hearing loss.

Kim Van De Riet from The Hearing Aid Institute will help you to begin the process of understanding the effects and treatments of hearing loss. This informative presentation will help guide you in the process of determining if sounds are being missed and what can be done to reconnect to those sounds.

Tiffany St. Flynn – “Mental Health and the Family”

Tiffany St. Flynn will address issues and resources that are uniquely salient for families who deal with mental health issues. She will also cover research on Positive Psychology and Preventative Care in order to help parents and caretakers get a jump-start on their child’s well-being.

Tiffany is the Secretary/Treasurer on the board for the Wellness Institute of Montana Foundation and a Case Manager Mentor for Winds of Change Mental Health. She has been involved with Social Work for over 10 years and has educational background in both Social Work and Psychology. In her free time, she coordinates donations for clients in recovery from mental illness, and she is passionate about helping to break down the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Jessica Allred – “Uncovering Hunger: Food Security as a Public Health Issue”

Jessica Allred is the director of development and advocacy at Missoula Food Bank & Community Center.  In her eight years with the organization, Jessica has worked on many initiatives to expand access to basic needs services in our community. During her address, she will give a brief history of food security in Missoula County, identify emerging trends impacting those in our neighborhoods, and speak about the causal issues of hunger that led 1 in 5 people in Missoula County through the doors of our food bank in 2018.

Jessica has been in the Missoula community for 15 years. She lives here with her 11 year old son, who she has a dozen nicknames for- most of them food-related. She is a freelance writer on the subjects of food security and middle grade literature. Her work at MFB&CC includes funds development as well as work to address the causal issues of hunger. She comes to her work with lived experience, having grown up in varying degrees of poverty and food insecurity.

Melissa Eastlick  – “Sleep for Everyone!”

Melissa is a parent coach and a pediatric sleep consultant who also has 2 little ones of her own. She has experience working with families from many different backgrounds and tailors her work to the unique challenges and values of each individual family. Melissa’s training and background has prepared her to work with children possessing a variety of needs; infants, toddlers, preschoolers, children with autism and a variety of different disorders, medical needs, and diagnosis. She understand that each child and each family is unique in their needs and should be addressed on an individualized basis. More than anything, Melissa loves helping all people get a great night of sleep.

Thank you to our 2019 Speaker Sponsor Mismo Gym! Mismo Gym is the home of Gymnastics, Ninja Zone, On Center Performing Arts and Summit Cheer. 

2021 Speaker Requests

We are seeking professionals to present a 10-15 minute OR a 20-30 program during the event on topics of their expertise. Please send an email with an outline of or link to the program as well as your speaker bio and photo. Pitching specific programs or products will not be allowed. Below are some suggestions. We will contact you if your program is accepted. Speakers will not be compensated in any way and current sponsors and exhibitors will be given first priority.